Penny off a pint leaves Phones4U’s Tory-supporting founder John Caudwell in a froth

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John Caudwell, who made £1.46 billion from the sale of Phones4U in 2006, told the Standard: “Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs known to man. It causes more grief than perhaps all the others put together.

“I’m not puritanical about it but why on earth would you knock a penny off the pint? It is a luxury that you absolutely do not need.

“It’s an absolutely preposterous, vote catching headline. I can understand them doing it but it’s one of the things I hate about politics.”

But Caudwell backed George Osborne’s record in office and said he would likely vote Conservative in May.


The entrepreneur, who now runs charity Caudwell Children, also backed the Tory’s so-called ‘Google Tax’, which will see a 25% levy charged on company profits moved artificially overseas.

He said: “I’m a fan of any methodology of making people pay a fair tax so that everyone else in the UK can have the correct level of services or can have their tax bill reduced. It’s fundamental to the health in Britain in every way.”

Caudwell, one of the UK’s biggest tax payers, has in the past been vocal in calling for the rich to pay their fair share.

He said today: “It’s a situation that’s affect every man woman and child in the UK.

“It’s totally immoral that people use their huge financial might and complex structures to pay tax avoidance experts to structure things in such a way that they pay very little tax.”

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March 19, 2015 |
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