Nestlé destroys £32m of Maggi noodles after contamination scandal

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Maggi noodles — Nestlé’s Indian answer to Pot Noodle — were also found to contain chemical flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate in the product despite it not appearing on the list of ingredients.

The embarrassing revelation is being challenged by the world’s biggest food company in court, but Nestlé’s Indian subsidiary has said that it would destroy all stocks as a precaution.

The banning order was handed down on June 5, but Nestlé began removing stock beforehand.

It is a huge blow to the Maggi brand, which controls 80% of India’s instant-noodle market.

Indian street food seller preparing noodlesFavourite: Maggi noodles are extremely popular in India (Picture: Dibyangshu Sarkar, AFP/Getty Images)


In 2014 it was voted one of the country’s top five most-trusted brands, soaring in popularity as more young Indians moved away from home for study and work.


This is the latest problem for Nestlé products, coming two years after it recalled millions of Kit Kat Chunky chocolate bars from across the UK after several consumers said they found chunks of plastic in them.

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June 17, 2015 |
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