Jim Armitage: Lloyd Dorfman's convincing argument for sticking with the EU

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Travelex founder Lloyd Dorfman built up his £550 million fortune by making astute business decisions over the past 40 years. 

He built his bureau de change empire through two Gulf Wars, the oil shock, 9/11 and the global financial crisis. 

He’s a Londoner, puts his cash at risk in his businesses and gives time and money to good causes. So he can’t be accused of being foreign, selfish, a FTSE-100 apparatchik or a Cameron PR stooge.   

That surely makes him immune to the usual personal attacks by the Brexiteers on anyone who disagrees with them. And he most trenchantly does disagree. 

So I’ll let him do the talking: “From an economic and security point of view, cooperation is better than isolation,” he says. 

“There’s a lot of talk about stress testing these days. Well, what better stress test of Britain in Europe could you ask for than the worst recession for 80 years? 

“Britain has come through it all with low unemployment and the second-fastest growing economy in the G7. Does that look like Europe’s holding us back? 

“We’re not going to be part of an ever-closer political union, yet we gain the compelling economic benefits of being part of the trading bloc. 

“We have much more to be gained at the table of Europe than sitting on our own and hoping things will be all right.” 

Convinced yet?

Source Article from http://www.standard.co.uk/business/jim-armitage-lloyd-dorfmans-convincing-argument-for-sticking-with-the-eu-a3201461.html

March 12, 2016 |
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