City Spy: After Morrisons, Amazon finds a more fashionable face

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Amazon’s attempts to find credibility in the fashion world rumble on. 

The online bookseller (which hawks a fair bit of other stuff these days too) makes an appearance in this month’s Marie Claire. 

Under the strapline, “Don’t look like me, look like you”, model Chiara Ferragni stares out from the ad. 

That’ll get the fashionistas on board. Well, that and its glamorous tie-up with, um, Morrisons.

Broadbent struggles with the digital age

For a hyper-intelligent central banker delving into the potential impact of bitcoins on the financial system, Bank of England deputy Governor Ben Broadbent does a good impression of a grumpy old man who can’t set the video recorder (although millennials will have to google to find out what they were). 

He says: “The word ‘digital’ has become so ubiquitous that its meaning isn’t always clear. The word seems to get tacked on to just about anything, no matter how tenuous its connection with computers, simply in order to convey an appealing sense of the modern. 

“A brief search — on the internet, appropriately enough — reveals advertisements for a course in ‘digital humanities’, opportunities in ‘digital agriculture’ and even something called ‘digital parenting’, whatever that is. (If it means having to ask your 11-year-old son what’s gone wrong with the computer then I would certainly qualify as a ‘digital parent’).”

Greggs – the new bitcoin?

Speaking of bitcoin, are they often splashed out on sausage rolls?

Pasty hawker turned salad seller (yeah, right) Greggs said this week it’s shutting three bakeries, prompting research site Master Investor to ask “which side is their bread buttered?”

Go short on the shares, Adrian Kempton-Cumber urges, comparing its shares’ rise to that of bitcoin. “There are some very strong moves upwards that are showing a hugely increased momentum, which is usually a sign of too much money chasing a share. It can’t last, and it doesn’t.

“Basically if it looks like the tech boom it is the tech boom.” 

One for Greggs boss Roger Whiteside to pop in his microwave.

CMC’s Hewson strikes cool note on ICE plans

Perhaps CMC markets analyst Michael Hewson missed his calling in life as a rapper? 

His note on the Intercontinental Exchange’s efforts to buy the London Stock Exchange was entitled “ICE ICE baby sends LSE to record highs”. 

Nice to find an analyst in less than Vanilla form.

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